[Reader-list] flooding my mailbox

shivam zest_india at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jun 18 20:49:06 IST 2004


Someone said on this list that the debate about CSA
and homosexuality should be carried out privately, and
that we should not flood people's mailboxes. The
list's moderator is requested to publicly clarify her
stand on this.

Living between a a couple of email IDs and a few dozen
mailing lists, these are problems I struggle with
every day, both as moderator and member. When does a
public discussion become private? What is the drawing
line between censorship, self-censorship and spamming?
These question become particularly relevant for we
poor third-world wallahs, struggle as we do with
problems of digital divide and informaton overload,
both at the same time.

Yes, I did make my point about that debate privately,
but I still thought it was relevant for the list. As I
write this, my messengar shows tha Rahul has forwarded
my mail to the list. That brings me to issues of
net-ethics. As I see it, or maybe this is the case
only with me, netiquette is in its pre-historic stage
and we need to deal with issues of online behaviour
instead of shoving them under the carpet with the
delete button.


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