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Sat Jun 19 17:04:48 IST 2004

Dear Rahul, Shivam

The list is meant for discussion, and NOT only for announcements! As 
long as all of us are aware that getting personal and ad hominem is 
not going to favour conversation, then there is really no problem. As 
far as Sarai is concerned, we are strongly in favour of a lively 
discussion. Please do not feel constrained.

I am afraid i cannot speak on behalf of those who might have written 
to you personally, but i do think they can easily hit delete, don't 


At 11:17 -0400 18/6/04, Asthana, Rahul wrote:
>Seeking clarification from sarai.Please see Shivam's and mine emails below.
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>From: shivam [mailto:zest_india at yahoo.co.in]
>Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 11:07 AM
>To: Asthana, Rahul
>Subject: RE: csa and homosexuality
>Rahul, these are predicaments i deal with every day,
>and i want to annoy as few people as possible. i don't
>know what the list is meant for. we should ask the
>sarai ppl to clarify?
>--- "Asthana, Rahul" <Rahul.Asthana at CIBC.com> wrote: >
>>  Thanks for your views.
>>  I want to ask you a question,though.
>>  Why did you take the list off the thread?
>>  I know somebody protested that we should not be
>>  filling up their mailbox or
>>  something like that(and I accidentally deleted that
>>  mail),but aren't we
>>  supposed to discuss issues here?I really did not
>>  think that me and Nitin got
>>  personal.We do sometimes tend to get terse, or may
>>  be even personal,but
>>  thats how we revise our opinion,realize our
>>  mistakes,provoke thoughts and
>>  reach some sort of conclusion.Like I did when Nitin
>>  pointed out that I was
>>  trying to trivialize his conversation.
>>  Or perhaps I am getting it wrong.This list is mainly
>>  for announcements?
>>  Thanks
>>  Rahul
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>>  From: shivam [mailto:zest_india at yahoo.co.in]
>>  Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 7:33 AM
>>  To: Asthana, Rahul; nkarani at hotmail.com;
>>  geeta.patel at verizon.net
>>  Subject: csa and homosexuality
>>  dear nitin,
>>   we are talking about two things here really:
>>  1) a homosexual abusing a minor with the INTENTION
>>  of
>>  turning him or her a homosexual;
>>  2) a minor becoming a homosexual because of child
>>  sexual abuse.
>>  Both are ideas coming from Virani's book, and though
>>  I
>>  agree with you that the first may be debatable, I
>>  think the second is undeniable. This is not to say
>>  that every gay is a CSA victim or that every CSA
>>  victim is a gay. But surely, if a person is sexually
>>  abused in his or her formative years, it may have
>>  some
>>  effect on his or her sexuality. Homosexuality,
>>  according to Virani's book, can be one of these
>>  effects. I suggest you pick up the book and try and
>>  understand CSA and its trauma, though you and I can
>>  never understand it the way a victim does. Virani
>>  estimates that 1 in every 4 girls and 1 in every 6
>>  boys in India are CSA victims. That's huge, no?
>>  Regards,
>>  Shivam
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