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India Together
16 June 2004 Newsletter
The news that matters

Editors: Ashwin Mahesh, Subramaniam Vincent

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Standing apart on common ground: As the Congress
promises priority to
agriculture, it needs to strike a balance between its
policies and those
the Left Front, on whose support it depends. These
policies show 
considerable disagreement in key areas, most notably
in support prices,
and subsidies for food security. Ashok B Sharma

Once again, fooling the world: Removal of agricultural
subsidies should
be a pre-requisite to further movement on the WTO
agricultural negotiations.
The current proposals from negotiators in the
developed countries 
completely sidesteps this, and instead tries to cement
their personal 
legacies, says Devinder Sharma. 

Combat Law 

Children's rights in Shining India : Despite
Constitutional guarantees
opportunity and civil rights, millions of children
face wide-spread 
deprivation and discrimination. A large part of this
stems from being seen
through the lens of adults who make decisions for
them, and who prefer
address their welfare rather than rights, says Enakshi
Ganguly Thukral.


Orissa's labour industry: A conniving chain of
regulators, police, and
contractors is profiteering upon the backs of
gruelling labour by migrant
Oriyas. Desperate for employment, thousands have
little choice but to take
up the virtual bondage of the jobs they are forced
into. Jaideep Hardikar
reports on the exploitation. 

Dial R to reroute funds : A financially sick state
corporation in 
Maharashtra gets an infusion of life from the
generosity of MTNL, the
Centre-owned phone company, as political players
obligingly fritter away
the assets of the latter. Eventually, taxpayers in all
states must foot
the bill. Himanshu Upadhyaya reports. 


Barriers to girls' education: Poor people make choices
that appear to
limit the education of girls simply because of their
poverty. But we 
should not be too quick to attribute low literacy
among girls to poverty
alone. A number of other factors are just as
responsible. Wahidul Hasan
Khan lists some of these.


Environment and the new Government: June 5 is the
United Nations World
Environment Day. Amidst conflicting demands from
coalition partners, 
international funding agencies, and community groups,
Ashish Kothari 
reflects on the challenges and opportunities for the
new government. 

In Pictures: Greening the Vellore hills


The Gandhi at Gandhigram: Septuagenarian Dr. R.
Kausalya Devi, head of
the award winning Gandhigram Rural Hospital near
Madurai, has worked for four
decades with single-minded dedication and no
distractions in a cause that
chose her. Lalitha Sridhar finds proof that Gandhi
still lives in India.


Municipal budgets and poverty: As poverty in Karnataka
acquires a larger
urban face, municipal administrations must reorient
themselves to meet
basic needs like livelihoods, sanitation, and shelter
- and set aside 
beautification programs - if the state's development
goals are to be 
achieved, says Kathyayini Chamaraj. 


Bollywood as cultural ambassador : Those who accuse
filmdom in India of
obscurantism and of perpetuating stereotypes are
embarrassed of it, and
aggressive in their disapproval. But Bollywood is much
more complex and
a far greater agent for positive social change than is
acknowledged by those
who claim to represent the high culture of India, says
Madhu Kishwar. 


Sense and nonsense: Few sensible people support the
treatment given to
widows within Hindu society. In many places, such
regressive traditions
have been discarded. Yet, Sushma Swaraj used this most
backward face of
religion to register her protest at the prospect of
Sonia as PM, notes Kalpana Sharma. 

A new security agenda: While defense may be at the
heart of security 
concerns, it is not necessarily the most important
sector for security.
The Congress-led government must demonstrate its
differences from the policies
of the NDA in three important areas, says Firdaus


Gender - a Left priority: While land reforms and
decentralisation in West
Bengal have been successful, far less has been
achieved in tackling gender
disparities and discrimination. Literacy and economic
empowerment, in 
particular, need much more attention immediately, says
Jayati Ghosh. 

One village, one computer: Is information technology
any use to poor and
uneducated populations? Anil Shaligram certainly
thinks so. With initial
help from the Maharashtra Foundation, his 1V1C
initiative has trained 
villagers, most of them women, not only to use
computers, but to put them
to productive use in solving local problems. Surekha
Sule reports. 

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