[Reader-list] Idgah slaughterhouse: work and nuisance

Rajeev rjaindia at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 25 20:49:49 IST 2004

Hi Ritika,

I am a mechanical engineer from IIT Delhi and working in a consultancy organisation. I stay in Model Basti which as you know is near the Idgah Slaughter House. I read the summary of your M. Phil work on the net.

I am involved with animal organisations and am also associated with a person from Qasabpura who is himself a butchers son, but is fighting against illegal slaughter. Though you have written that you donot want to get involved in issues regarding animals or vegetarianism, I would like know from you the data you have collected regarding the waste idgah produces, the details regarding no of animals, mode of slaughter and other issues. I would like to give whatever help I can in the collection of information regarding Idgah.

Could you please mail me giving a little more details of your work.

Live and Help Live

Rajeev Jain
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