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sandipan chakrabarty sandipan_chakrabarty at yahoo.co.in
Sat Jun 26 12:12:23 IST 2004

My work is about the history of a renowned Bengali
literary ‘little’ magazine Krittibas. This magazine
had roughly 4 phases – 1st phase (1953-1968; up to
25th issue; quarterly), 2nd phase (1968-1974;
26th-37th issue; quarterly), 3rd phase (1974-1981;
monthly) and 4th phase (from 1999 onward). But it was
all along not so regular. During the period 1982-1998,
no issue of the magazine was published. At first, I
contemplated to work with all the phases. But just
after start, I find some limitations:
1.	In the 3rd phase, Krittibas was neither a ‘little’
magazine nor a so-called commercial /mainstream
magazine; it was an intermediate position between the
2.	I could not collect all the original copies of the
magazine and relevant documents that are scattered and
3.	A period of 6 months is not sufficient to do a
detailed work on such a huge time span (1953-2003). 
So, the central focus of this work is the most
significant phase, i.e., 1st phase, which is
significant too in the history of urban Bengali
literary production in post-independence period. But I
would like to touch on the other phases in short. My
work comprises four sections: 1) Socio-cultural
Background, 2) Cultural history, 3) Economic history
and 4) Socio-cultural Impact.     

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