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Hi Could you provide Me the originals about the reference you made in 
this about gandhi's stance about ayodhya in Faizabad.??

A few years later, Gandhi expresses himself on the then almost un-known 
dispute about the so-called "Ram Janmabhoomi" at Ayodhya in Faizabad.

On 15 May 1937, Ramgopal Pandey "Shaarad" writes a letter to Gandhi about the 
Ram Janmabhoomi question, expressing a desire to know his opinion. Gandhi 
replies to this in the Navjeevan of 27-7-1937. This letter and the reply are 
given in entirety below -- 

 "Shaarad"'s letter to Gandhi :

"Shri Ayodhyaji 15-5-1937  etc etc


It seems Navjivan and Young India have stopped publishing in 1932 itself.


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