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Fri Nov 19 14:24:37 IST 2004

VIDEO | Submission
Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was recently killed after the release of
this film, "Submission," about the sexual and physical abuse of Muslim
women. The screenwriter, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is a Somali-born, right-wing
member of Parliament who was raised a Muslim but has since renounced
her faith. She has referred to Islam as an "oppressive, misogynist
religion trapped in the 13th century." The film, as you might expect,
was extremely controversial, in particular for scenes showing verses
of the Quran written on a woman's naked body. It was meant to be the
first of three films on the topic, the second of which was to have
been from a Muslim man's perspective.

Watch the movie (note: 56k seems to be the only speed working):

More information on the film and filmmakers:

The Day I Became a Martyr: Islam Protest Brings Fatal Fatwa
In death, Theo van Gogh is a painful symbol for what he so stridently
called for in life: the end of tolerance.
Dennis Lim | The Village Voice

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