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Sat Nov 20 14:03:08 IST 2004


Preservation of Early Indian Recordings (epilogue)
#Digital Archiving of Early Hindustani Records

On Fri, 22 Oct 2004 Patrick Moutal wrote :
Dear Sanjay Saheb,

What a good surprise when I found, in my letter box, this morning, your kind letter along with the two CD full of mp3 treasures.
Wholehearted thank. Thanks a thousand and one times. That will be food for long long time.

I just listened to Vilayat Khan's "Gauri". It is not Gauri as mentioned in title. It is Rag Bhim - which is also called Gavati. 
(Rag Gauri belongs to Purvi That with komal re, tivr ma, komal dhaivat - while Bhim (as Khan saheb's calls it, belongs to Khamaj 
That . It's chalan: sa ga ma pa k.ni sa / dha pa dha ma pa ga ma re k.ni sa / pa k.ni sa dha--- ma pa , ga ma pa ga ma re ---- k.ni sa). That Khansaheb's rendering is superb.

I just got a bit more space for the site and will certainly include a number of archives on it. (thus I don't know how many, yet).
I will first have to redigitize them to a lower bit rate so that they occupy less space. Moreover, many visitors  don't have large bandwidth and it will be faster and cheaper for them to download - despite the little loss of quality. Archives are archives and if 
people don't understand what treasures come to their ears, they can as well go to their mohala  record shop and purchase the latest - commercial - CD releases...  ;-)
Do you want me to put your name as the contributor to these archives or do you prefer to remain discreet about it ?

Please, do let me reiterate all my thanks to you for this unvaluable gift.
Net can bring the best and the worst. Your generosity demonstrates - beyond words - what noble use it can bring.
I am really moved by your kindness.

Best regards and I WILL stay in touch.


On Nov 8, 2004, at 2:25 PM, sanjay ghosh wrote:  

Dear Panditji,

One small matter.

If you are giving credit, can you put a line somewhere that :

Digitization of some of the tracks was fecilitated by a Sarai fellowship. (URL http://www.sarai.net/community/fellow.htm ...for further enquiry)

Thank you / merci.

best of luck,

Date:     Sat, 13 Nov 2004 00:42:14 IST 

Dear Sanjay saheb,
That's done ! I have removed the old files of Abdul Karim with wrong titles and put - all together - 125 new audio files - on the web site. 3 days work.
Thanks again for all.
Best regards,

patrickmoutal at mac.com
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