[Reader-list] Bhopal - radio play, Dec 1, 2004, 19.05 CET - live stream

Sabine Breitsameter sbreitsameter at snafu.de
Tue Nov 30 22:56:13 IST 2004

Hello everybody!

Quite a number of you on this list had been supporting me with infos 
for my radio projects on the Bhopal gas tragedy.

Thank you very much .

The programs will be aired during the next days on the cultural 
channels of German public radio as well as in Austria. Their duration 
is one hour.

If you want to listen to the program, you can go to the Internet
on Dec 1, 2004, 19.05 CET

scroll down on the left until you see "Live-Stream". Click it. Then 
you get a pop-up-window. Don't go to "Deutschlandfunk" on top, but to 
"DeutschlandRadio" some lines below, and click the sort of player you 

You will be able to listen to the live-stream of the program.
Sorry, it will be only audible in German.  However, there is a lot of 
original sounds and voices from Bhopal.

The piece's title is
"Bhopal - Erinnerungen an die Giftgas-Katastrophe von 1984".

There is another radio piece of mine on Bhopal aired on SWR2, on Dec 
2, 14.05 CET, however, there is no live-stream available.

Thanks again

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