[Reader-list] A Library for Baljeet Nagar

Shivam Vij mail at shivamvij.com
Sat Dec 3 17:40:00 IST 2005

Baljeet Nagar is a working class locality near Shadipur Depot in
Delhi. A majority of its inhabitants are Dalit. My friend Swapnil
Gupta went around talking to people there about their problems and it
emerged that the people did not find the present education system
adequate in catering to the their as it does not help in developing a
free mind. Moreover, the teaching standard in the government schools
in the area is very low.

Swapnil has therefore thrown in his energies to establish a small
library there, with books suitable for all ages and interests. The
library shall house children's books, course books and reference books
for school students, progressive literature (like Om Prakash Valmiki
and Rahul Sanskritayan) and political writings (like Bhaghat Singh and
Ambedkar). All books will be in Hindi. The library will be operated by
youth from the area, who are willing to become volunteers.

The library, initially, will be housed in a single room and will have
up to 2,000 titles. Swapnil and his friends have been raising the
money only from individual contributions. I have contributed my bit,
and should you want to do so as well, you can write to Swapnil at
swapnil_ml at yahoo.co.in.

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