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    ~ life sketch

    Aap Jaisa Koi Nahin ( A tribute to Nazia Hassan )
    Nazia Hassan's version of Westernized Urdu pop made her an icon for young Asians across many continents.
    She gave life to a fledgling pop industry in Pakistan.
    This film is a tribute to the renowned pop singer, the private & graceful woman who died tragically young.
    Her songs will be remembered for many many years to come.
    The film produced soon after Nazia's death, gives an insight into the crooner's personality through interviews of people close to her.

    ( 25 min: Urdu & English )

    ~ legend
    The Crocodiles of Mangho Pir ( A famous myth of Sindh )
    The story dates back to 900 years____ of a mystic saint, & his pet crocodiles.
    The settlers of this township who are of African origin, have a strong belief in the miraculous powers of the saint & the revered crocs near the shrine, believed to be the decendants of the saint's pets. 

    ( 15 min: English )

    ~ culture 

    Mela Basant Bahar ( The kite flying festival )
    "Basant ",The colourful kite flying festival of the peasant, originated in the Punjab is not confined to the province anymore.It has spread nationwide to become the country's biggest cutural event.
    The film traces the history of Basant from the mughal period, down to Hazrat Amir Khusrau, Maharaja Ranjit Singh & finally to the urbanites of Lahore.  

    ( 25min : Urdu, Sindhi & English )

    ~ environment

    Once This Was My Home ( Sea intrusion of land and rivers )
    How a natural phenomemon has affected the lives and livelihoods of the indigenous people of the province of Sindh. People are forced to move out to unknown destinations in search of food, shelter & livelihoods.

    ( 13min : Urdu , Sindhi & English )
    ~ environment

    Awaiting The Cranes' Return ( Disaster, degradation & development )
    Badin, one of the country's richest areas in natural reserves__ ironically has the poorest inhabitants.
    Frequently struck by natural disasters & hardships of the aftermath, the deprived people eagerly await God sent help through NGO's & donations by multinational companies........hoping the "Cranes" & prosperity will return soon.

    ( 18min : Urdu , Sindhi & English )

      hello friends,

      if you have an interest for screening these films during festivals or special events & / OR distribution through DVD's, then do write to me for more information & details .


      samina aslam

      film maker




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