[Reader-list] The longest comment' in the Indian blogosphere

Shivam mail at shivamvij.com
Tue Dec 20 14:30:01 IST 2005

I present before you a link to the longest ever 'comment' in the
Indian blogosphere. Exactly 4,827 words. If you read it you will agree
with me that Indian blogging today is more intellectually vibrant than
any other online media. The 'comment' by a young journalist in
Washington DC deals in great detail with the issue of the hegemony of
a self-professed "liberterian cartel", most of whom are based in
Bombay and are no doubt my freinds and prolifi bloggers. Chetan's
comment could be turned into a paper! If you are not familiar with the
Indian blogosphere or with blogging, this comment will be very useful
as an overview of the nature of the blogosphere:



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