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Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 28 20:44:30 IST 2005


NYU student Brian Sandro has a secret: he and his friends pirate 
hunderds of millions of dollars of illicit Hollywood movies in their 
spare time. They are revered, reviled, hunted, and admired. No one 
knows who they are --at least, not as far as they know.


Q. Who are you guys?
  A. We're Jun Group Entertainment, the first company to provide 
top-notch, free, legal entertainment to file traders.

Q. Why are you making the show?
  A. We ask ourselves the same thing nearly daily! Probably it's because 
we really enjoy it. For one thing, we've always thought 'the scene' was 
a fascinating place, and it's about time someone made a dramatic series 
depicting this exciting underground.

The Scene is only the first of several planned shows. Keep an eye out 
for them!

Q. Can my company sponsor the show?
  A. Absolutely! Please write to us, at wts at junentertainment.com.

Q: How many people watch The Scene?
  A: Each episode of The Scene has been downloaded hundreds of thousands 
of times in over 70 countries around the world!

Q: What is "The Scene" in real life?
  A: The Scene is the piracy underground where 99% of pirated movies, 
songs, video games, etc start out. There, thousands of pirates upload, 
download, and trade files (often illegally) using FTP sites. From 
there, the files make their way onto the peer-to-peer networks, that so 
many know and love.
  You can find more information on wikipedia.

Q. How long does it take for a new episode to come out?
  A. New episodes are released about every 3 weeks.

Q. Is Brian Sandro a real person?
  A. As it says at the end of the episodes, The Scene is a work of 
fiction. Fiction, as in, we make this stuff up. But just because 
there's no real person called Tony Soprano doesn't mean that there's no 
such thing as the Mafia.

Q: What software do you use to record The Scene?
  A: We use a program called Camtasia 
(http://www.techsmith.com/products/studio/default.asp) to record the 
chats. The actor is filmed separately.

Q: Who plays Brian?
  A: Brian is played by NYC-based actor Joe Testa.

Q: Where can I find the 'theme song' from the episodes?
  A: The theme song is "Catch Me" by Maylynne, available at our download 
page (http://www.welcometothescene.com/download.php).

Q: Where can I get more of Maylynne's music?
  A: For now, you can't. We're working on it.

Q: Where can I find other music from the artists in the episodes?
  A: All the music is available, for free, at our download page 

Q: How long has this series been going on?
  A: Episode 1 came out in mid-December, 2004.

Q: How can I contact you guys?
  A: Business inquiries may be addressed to wts at junentertainment.com, 
Comments, questions, and feedback about the show can be sent to 
brian.sandro at gmail.com -- we'll reply, we promise -- or catch us on IRC 
at irc.chatchannel.org #TheScene (which you can get to at 

Q: Do you guys have anything to do with any other company?
  A: Jun Group is a privately held company in South Norwalk, CT. We do 
marketing work for a number of clients, but The Scene is our own baby.

Q: You guys are fakes! The Scene is just some sort of anti-piracy 
  A: The cops haven't caught Brian yet, have they?

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