[Reader-list] Re: "Made with Linux" List?

ISh ish at sarai.net
Wed Jun 1 02:13:35 IST 2005

Would it be beneficial to encourage a separate "music made with Linux"

list?  Thoughts?


Hi All.

Music itself holds no prejudice so I think it should be all promoted as 
Music. ( Pure and safe , which is free from definitions and critics) 
There are already too many categorizations nowadays in music which 
usually ride a fad or fashion curve and are used for filling up shelf 
space. I think categorizing music as ‘music made on linux’ is baseless.

And discriminating music on the basis of which platform it was produced, 
like Linux or from OS X of any other OS, actually degrades Music.(also 
is a very technical discrimination) It is not something like it is rock 
or jazz. It is also in a way admitting that linux is inferior in music 
circles, which is not true at all. So I think we should be a little 
careful while saying it is music produced on linux or a mac because for 
the end listener it will be our music that is doing the talking(not 
linux or windows). Linux, softwares, Mac, Sequencers etc are all 
important but are still 'tools' to achieve the music.


frEeMuZik.net/ sarai.net

(P.S I m a strong supporter of Free software and Linux ... but (1) the 
thoughts mentioned above are for ‘music’ and are not part of the 'free 
software Vs. Proprietary software’ argument and (2) I m not looking at 
'made with Linux' as a very technical definition, i m looking at it as 
an 'end listener' definition )

James Stone wrote:

>On Tue, 31 May 2005 12:44:13 -0400, Greg Wilder wrote:
>>Would it be beneficial to encourage a separate "music made with Linux"
>>list?  Thoughts?
>There is the recently created "free musicians" wiki to post info and links
>to music made with Linux: 
>There is also a radio station stream there to which can be added links to
>I think that it would be really good if people could set up pages there,
>to make the links to the music a bit more permanent, and also to help
>others to find out how the music was composed.

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