[Reader-list] Kolkata Sarai Fellows Meet 5 May 2005

Amit Basu amitrbasu50 at yahoo.co.in
Wed Jun 8 11:31:46 IST 2005

On Sunday I went to meet other Sarai Fellows at Udipi Restaurant, near Deshapriya Park. After a few mails, some of us decided that we will meet here at 5.00 pm. When I reached there I saw Vasudha was sitting with a paper written "Sarai Meet" placed on the table . Her residence is close. She said only Madhuja informed that she wont be able to make it. Myself and Vasudha sat there for more than an hour speculating what are the pecularities of Kolkata fellows that unlike Mumbai and Delhi they are not keen to meet others and share different ideas, views and concern. Not even on the reader-list we find any comments on this issue! Both of us could not draw any conclusion and acknowledged that, this could be an issue worth researching. As the old joke goes about the Calcuttans that 'only two persons are good enough to start a Union'.

So we concluded our meeting with the decision to meet at Udipi Restaurant on every Second Saturday at 5.00 pm.  And we hope that on 9 July more fellows will join us. 


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