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Nod for tracking stray cattle with microchips

By Sandeep Joshi

NEW DELHI, APRIL 5. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has cleared the
controversial proposal to implant computer chip in the stomachs of
buffaloes and cows to ascertain their ownership and keep track of their
movement in the city. However, the Bharatiya Janata Party has expressed
the fear that the project would make milk costlier and also put an
unnecessary financial burden on dairy owners.

The proposal was passed recently by the MCD Standing Committee without
any debate. The civic body expressed the hope that the microchips in
the stomachs of bovines -- to be read through a special scanner --
would help keep track of their movement in the city, besides checking
the mushrooming growth of unauthorised dairies. In fact, a similar
project is already being implemented in Punjab and is a common practice
in developed countries.

The microchip will have a unique identity number and will ensure that
no new animals are smuggled into the city from the neighbouring States
and also check the menace of stray cattle. The owners of all authorised
dairies would be charged Rs.900 for each implant. Each microchip would
be given orally to the animals and it would then get embedded in their
stomach. The civic body has warned that those animals found without the
microchip would be impounded and auctioned.

The MCD took this decision after the Supreme Court's directed that all
unauthorised dairies be relocated at Ghogha in Narela in North-West
Delhi. Significantly, while a Corporation survey revealed that there
were nearly 35,000 cows and buffaloes in these unauthorised dairies,
the civic body was surprised to receive applications for allotment of
land for as many as 50,000 cows and buffaloes. Later, investigations
revealed that some people from the neighbouring townships and land
sharks were trying to get dairy land allotted in Ghogha.

Under the Ghogha dairy relocation scheme, the Delhi Government has
allotted 180 acres for the development of a dairy colony with all the
necessary facilities and basic infrastructure. The Corporation
officials plan to implant the microchip in cattle when dairy owners
move here and subsequently, every year the dairy owners would have to
pass the chip detection test and those without them would be impounded.

However, the BJP Councillor and Standing Committee Member, Vijender
Kumar Gupta, has accused the Congress leaders in the civic body of
getting the controversial issue passed in haste without any discussion.
"The impractical scheme would not only result in waste of public money
as well as that of dairy owners, it will also increase the cost of milk
in the Capital," he said.

Mr. Gupta also alleged that the proposal was opposed by the BJP as it
was prepared to financially benefit some predetermined private operator
and not to control the unauthorised dairy menace in the city. The
matter was then referred to a sub-committee for investigation but it
never met. But the Standing Committee without any discussion approved
the recommendations of the so-called sub-committee, he added.

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