[Reader-list] Delhi I-Fellows meet in June

shivam shivamvij at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 22:25:22 IST 2005

Dear all,

Delhi-based Independent Fellows 2004-05 have decided to meet on
Saturday the 18th of June at the National Coffee House at Bhai Mohan
Singh Place near Rivola cinema in Connaught Place at 5 pm.

Past I-Fellows, current and past student stipendiaries, Sarai regulars
and absolutely anyone who would like to attend, is most welcome.

We particularly invite Sumit and Saumya, past I-Fellows whose research
subject was the coffee houses.

Like tea at JNU, coffee at the coffee house is cheap and does not
bolster the interests of any multinational.

Looking forward to the meet,

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