[Reader-list] Live Streams from Incommunicado 05 on June 15, 16 & 17, 2005

Eric Kluitenberg epk at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 12 19:02:55 IST 2005

A  N  N  O  U  N  C  E  M  E  N  T:


JUNE 15,16 & 17, 2005.



Incommunicado 05: information technology for everybody else
International Working Conference
Amsterdam, De Balie, June 16-17, 2005

Incommunicado 05 is a two-day working conference working towards a
critical survey of the current state of 'info-development', also known
as the catchy acronym 'ICT4D' (ICT for development). Before the recent
“flattening of the world” (Thomas Friedman, 2005), most computer
networks and ICT expertise were located in the North, and
info-development mostly involved rather technical matters of knowledge
and technology transfer from North to South. While still widely (and
even wildly) talked about, the assumption of a 'digital divide' that
follows this familiar geography of development has turned out to be too
simple. Instead, a more complex map of actors, networked in a global
info-politics, is emerging.

The opening debate and the proceedings of the Incommunicado conference
in the Main Hall of the conference venue De Balie in Amsterdam, will be
streamed live as MP3 audio stream and a broadband videostream (Real).

The main parts of the program are:

* Wednesday June 15, 20.00 - 22.30 hrs Central European Time:

    Opening: Public Debate

* Thursday June 16, 10.00 - 18.00 CET:

    First Day Program, discussions and workshops

* Friday June 17, 10 - 18.30 CET:

    Second Day Program, discussions and workshops

* Friday June 17, 18.30 - 19.15 CET:
    Remote session

The live-streams are available via the following web-links:

De Balie live page:

(includes link to conference live-chat)

MP3 stream direct:

Real-stream direct:

Please refer to the conference website for further details and
background on the program:

A small web dossier has been set up on the website of De Balie that will
also make video-registrations of the conference live-streams available
after conclusion of the event:

Geert Lovink & Soenke Zehle

Incommunicado 05 is organized by the Institute of Network Cultures
(Amsterdam) together with Waag Society (Amsterdam) and the New Media
Centre Sarai (Delhi), with support from HIVOS, IICD, and the Netherlands
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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