[Reader-list] Re-Institutionalize # 07: PIET'S VOYAGE

Kristofer Paetau kristoferpaetau at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 15 14:19:41 IST 2005

"Piet's Voyage" is an art-experience I made with a friend, Piet
Strauven, who doesn't think of himself as an artist, but whom I
consider to be an interesting model for artists. The project is about
a deal that I made with Piet, concerning his voyage and the pictures
he would take during this trip. You are welcome to have a look at this

A web documentation to view at:


A PDF documentation (324 KB) to download at:


Auf Deutsch:

Eine Webdokumentation zum Anschauen:


Ein PDF Dokument (320 KB) zum Runterladen:


Best, MfG. Kristofer Paetau

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