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Fri Jun 17 13:56:28 IST 2005

Please excuse the impersonal nature of this e-mail. Marcus Westbury is 
the Artistic Director of the Melbourne-based 2006 Next Wave Festival and 
will be arriving in India on Sunday 19th June. Marcus will be in Mumbai 
from Sunday 19 to Tuesday 21 and then in Delhi from Tuesday 21 to 
Saturday 25 June. Marcus will be in Mumbai and Delhi with the intention 
of meeting as many people as possible to discuss works and artists for 
potential inclusion within the next festival. Marcus will also be 
traveling Malaysia and by the time he reaches India he will have been to 
New Zealand, Canada, Belize, England, Scotland, South Africa, Kenya and 

The theme and title of the next festival is Empire Games and it will 
take place in March 2006 alongside the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth 
Games. The name is an old term for a new time and Marcus is looking for 
different takes on today’s Empire Games.

Marcus is looking for Commonwealth country-based artists under 30 years 
of age who make-work in the areas of visual arts, theatre, media, film, 
sound and design. Marcus is particularly interested in:

    * art that does not fit into typical art categories: work that
      crosses mediums and artistic disciplines, or new and hard to
      categorize work
    * "light-based" projects: anything using light, including
      projection, digital or video film/animation
    * all kinds of visual arts, preferably suitable for exhibition
      outside of typical gallery spaces
    * theatre/dance/performance work, preferably small-scale and
    * music/ sound art/sound installation, both small and large scale:
      DJ‚s and live acts for large venues, as well as small scale
      musical /sound performances
    * "new media": all things digital, interactive, and cross-disciplinary
    * works which involve themes of culture jamming

For more information on Next Wave Festival please visit 
www.nextwave.org.au <http://www.nextwave.org.au/>.

If you would like to meet with Marcus or can suggest people with whom he 
should meet I would be grateful if you could let me know ASAP.

Yours sincerely, Rachel Young

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