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Thu Jun 23 12:19:14 IST 2005

As you all may be aware by now that Asmita's play "Mr.
Jinnah" has been banned from being staged for no rhyme
or reason by the delhi police. It is not just an
authoritarian, an undemocratic decision but also a
direct attack on the intellect and experience of well
known author Dr. Narendra Mohan and director Arvind
Gaur. We all remember the impactful play ' Final
Solutions' directed by Arvind. Don't we? 
Please read the Hindu, HT, TOI, Jansatta, for latest
Not allowing staging of the play is also an attempt to
culture policing and moral policing of the artists of
this city. the police so far have not been able to
cite a proper cause for the ban yet they agree that
there is nothing objectionable in the play. on the
other hand they say that they have pressure "from
Yesterday, June 22, 2005 as a symbolic silent protest
the writers and dramatists, authors, artists, actors,
filmmakers, theatre lovers, and other intellectuals,
historians and general public staged a portion of the
play in front of the lodi road police station, and
which gave lots of boils and blisters to the police.
It is no longer a matter of just a play, because it is
obvious now that the govt. & authorities are trying to
censor our thoughts and speech. we seek the support of
all artists, film makers, actors, writers, theatre
lovers, and other intellectuals who feel that they
will not let the police take away our "FUNDAMENTAL
A resolution regarding the same was signed and passed
by all the people present there.

IF YOU FEEL that you have got the hatred for Pakistan
as a heritYge and do not want to pass on this hatred
to the next generations.
And if you feel the to make friends with pakistan more
than buses and trains what we need today is to revisit
history and forgive and forget and carry on as good
neighbours then read on.

If you really think that the burned bridges can be
built and it will heal the mass anger and hurt by
taking another perspective at the events which were
just a part of our history books.
And if you are optimistic enough to accept that to
love or hate a person first you need to know about
him, then please come and see Mr.Jinnah.
I am not saying this because I am part of the cast,
but because I feel that they are taking away my
fundamental rights. ironically they didn't let us
perform a street theatre on the street, tomorrow they
might ask for a NOC for walking on the street or
We  request all creative people to --- Please try to
generate awareness and be open to revisit history,
because we really now need to look into our country,
our govt. and our basic rights as artists. And we
being the generation of today, if we don't stand up
now then we will leave our next generatios mentally
and creatively crippled.
at one hand the present govt. is advancing towards
"friendship with Pakistan" on the other hand they are
running scared that "Mr.Jinnah" will open too many
The lead actor of 'Mr. Jinnah', Mr. Susan Brar was
aggrieved due to demise of his mother yesterday
morning. We expres our heartfelt condolences to Susan.
Though it was tough but Susan decided to stand by the
team in joining the protest. I could then feel the
pain Jinnah as a person must have felt when his wife
died or his  when his daughter left his house. But the
leader maintained a brave face. Susan left yesterday
night to attend his mother's funeral today morning. 
Anupam Pachauri 
Contact us for the details, mail us at
anupam_iase at yahoo.co.in 
or at arvindasmita at yahoo.com
You can also visit us to view rehearsals of Mr.

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