[Reader-list] Daryaganj Action Plan!

Anand Vivek Taneja radiofreealtair at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 11:45:16 IST 2005

Dear All,

Thanks for the prompt and thoughtful responses. 
Moyukh Chatterjee, a student and a regular at the Sunday Book Bazaar,
who knows a few of the booksellers personally, has volunteered to
brave the rain and go to the Sunday Book Bazaar today, to find out
what it's like on the ground, how soon they are going to be removed

Oishik, thanks for the detailed action plan. I think we need to get
into action asap, and your plan is just the way to do it!

Shivam, Jane - many of the books sold at daryaganj are remaindered
books which have been disposed off in bulk by publishers and
distributors. it could be argued that the distributors and publishers
also need the sunday book bazaar to sell slow moving stock - so the
publishers should also be included in the campaign.


On 6/25/05, Oishik Sircar <oishiksircar at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I guess, we gotta move on three fronts: 
> 1. A signature petition for sure... and that's got to be the prerogative for
> those in Delhi... along with an email petition if possible... and as one of
> the mailers suggested, getting people like Khushwant Singh, Ruchir Joshi,
> Vikram Seth... and why not William Dalrymple involved in the petition... 
> 2. Second, along with Madhu Kishwar, one needs to get in touch with the
> Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN) in Delhi... Miloon Kothari's the guy
> there... he's the UN Special Rapporteur on Housing Rights... he can give
> some leads... and then it's Colin Gonsalves at the Socio-Legal Information
> Centre... but this needs to be done by those in Delhi... there are a barrage
> of other people who must be contacted and asked to lend solidarity... Usha
> Ramanathan, Brinda Grover, Nandita Haksar, Adv. S. Muralidhar, Ravi Nair...
> some kind of collective voice of dissent must be initiated... Ah, there's
> another organisation in Delhi that work's exclusively on economic freedom...
> The Centre for Civil Society... the contact persons are Parth Shah or Manali
> Shah... 
> 3. Third, and I dunno how one will arrange this... if it's possible to hold
> a people's tribunal/ hearing/meet with the booksellers doing the talking...
> and get some newspaper people and people from the judiciary to attend it...
> you never know... the agenda could be to make the court take suo moto
> cognizance and issue a stay... 
> 4. And for those planning to draft the petition... look into Olga Tellis vs
> Bombay Administration... a Supreme Court judgment upholding the right to
> livelihood as a fundamental right to life under Article 21 of the
> Constitution... 
> And yes, if people need any help from Kolkata... especially with the
> Hawkers' Unions here... lemme know... 
> Oishik
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