[Reader-list] sunday book market faces closure.

ISh ish at sarai.net
Mon Jun 27 09:44:26 IST 2005

a friend told me yestreday that the market is going to re-open near Raj 
Ghat. I m not very sure about this info.  It needs some cross checking.

Anand Vivek Taneja wrote:

>Dear All,
>Woke up to the horrifying news in this morning's Hindustan Times that
>the Sunday Book Bazaar in DaryaGanj is going to be shut down by the
>Municipal Corporation of Delhi.
>(See, 'Sunset for Sunday Book Bazaar', Hindustan Times, Saturday, June
>25 front page, Delhi edition.)
>The Sunday Book Bazaar has, despite the occasional threat of closure
>(1992, 2001), and one shift of venue, been around in Delhi for the
>past forty years. It should count as a venerable institution.
>Especially since in the virtual absence of good public libraries in
>Delhi, this is one of the very few places where people can get quality
>books at affordable prices. For all students, and for all lovers of
>books, and for everybody in the city, the closure, if we let it
>happen, is going to be a terrible loss.
>The MCD and Police decision to shut the book bazaar needs to be
>challenged. This mail is just to get some ideas going. How do we go
>about this? Should those who want to save the Sunday Boook Bazaar do
>some form of demonstration or sit-in in front of the Daryaganj Police
>Station, across the road from the book bazaar?
>Ideas, suggestions, action!
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