[Reader-list] Naglamachi and encroachment

Mrityunjay Chatterjee joy at sarai.net
Sun Apr 2 08:38:53 IST 2006

On Saturday I went to Nagla Machi. As I was entering the place, it looked
like as if an earthquake had happened. Then it stuck to my mind what is the
difference between this and earthquake or tsunami. In all these cases
houses are destroyed, dreams are shattered, possibility of rebuilding the
life is dependent on a piece of paper provided by the state. How they are

The difference is the totalitarian desire of encroachment. Because I think
the city should be like this I encroach into others life, work, space and
every thing.

But this is very normal thing our every day life, we do encroach into
others life because we think that we are more passionate than the other
person. I love my India, I love my Delhi, I love my Sarai, I love my …

In this passion we tend to forget other person also has a feeling, that
person might love or not love the same thing in the same way. But my
passion encroaches in to that persons’ way of living, way of working and
way of thinking.

Just wanted to say, freedom is all about self-control not encroachment.

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