[Reader-list] P. Sainath :Where India shining meets great depression (The Hindu)

Shivam Vij mallroad at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 20:19:39 IST 2006

> The papers that dislike such stories do find
> space for the poor, though. As in this
> advertisement, which strikes a new low in
> contempt for them. Two very poor women, probably
> landless workers, are chatting: "That's one
> helluva designer tan," says the first to the
> other. "Yeah," replies the other. "My skin just
> takes to the Monte Carlo sun." The copy that
> follows then mocks them. "You'll agree," it says,
> "chances that the ladies above rub shoulders with
> the glitterati of the French Riviera are, well, a
> little remote." It throws in a disclaimer, of
> course. "We don't mean to be disrespectful ... "
> But "this is a mere reminder to marketers that a
> focus on customers with stronger potential does
> help." That is an ad for the `Brand Equity,'
> supplement of a leading newspaper group.

All of you on this list MUST see this incredibly atrocious advertisement:


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