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Leonardo Electronic Almanac: Global Crossings Special


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Be prepared for a double dose of gastronomic global offerings in this issue
of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac, featuring the Global Crossings Gallery

We first celebrate the inaugural winners of the 2005 Leonardo Global
Crossings Award – the brother-sister team of Abdel Ghany Kenawy and Amal
Kenawy from Cairo, Egypt, who have been collaborating on large-scale
installations since 1997.

Accolades also go to the three runners-up - *Regina Célia Pinto* (Brazil -
web-based and CD-ROM art), *Kim Machan* (Australia - curator, arts producer
and consultant) and *Shilpa Gupta* (India - Internet, video and installation
works) and all other nominees: *Andres Burbano* (Colombia), Kibook
(collaborative team of Visieu Lac [Vietnamese Australian], *Mark
Wu*[British-born Chinese] and
*Stefan Woelwer *[Germany], *Nalini Malani *(India) and *Hellen

This award recognizes the contribution of artists and scholars from
culturally diverse communities worldwide who work within the emerging
art-science-technology field, and was juried by an international panel of
experts. The award is part of the Leonardo Global Crossings Special Project,
supported by the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. Visit the
gallery: http://mitpress2.mit.edu/e-journals/LEA/GALLERY/gxawards

Following that, the Global Crossings Gallery, as curated by *Dennis Summers
*and *Choy Kok Kee*, showcases a veritable feast of concepts that explores
what it means to be a global citizen. Indulge in this "quality cross-section
of the technical and aesthetic range of globally-related artwork" – with
themes that touch on the socio-political to technological/(pseudo)scientific
to multi-cultural communications.

The range of ideas bounced around is astounding: From creating a global
community dedicated to raising issues of the sweatshop treatment of women
throughout the world, particularly in relation to Nike (*Cat Mazza's* *Nike
Blanket Petition*) to the darker side of global control (*Alison Chung-Yan*'
*s* *Surveillance*) to *Mike Mike's *more positive approach to *The Face of

Then there is *Samina Mishra's *take on the children of immigrants from
India and other East Asian countries and *Tiffany Holmes's* serious and
scientific approach to global water pollution, *Floating Point*.

Add to that *Michael Hohl *and *Stephan Huber's **Radiomap*, which places
participants on a physical representation of the globe projected onto the
floor, and allow them to hear different radio stations based on their
"global location", *Helene Doyon *and *Jean-Pierre Demers' **Capture Site*,
which sees two artists suspended above ground surrounded with sensors that
communicate local environmental information throughout the world, *Vanessa
Gocksch's* *Intermundos*, a representation of Colombian youth culture and
its connection to other youth cultures worldwide and the physically
uplifting *World Hug Day* project by the *Gao Brothers *for a sizzling stew
of wondrous global delights. Visit the gallery: 


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