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Hi everyone...

Here an interesting bit from the Indian School of
Business placement report for 2006.For those
interested in finding new definitions for skill ,what
is work experience and what does it mean to be a
Manager and in general concepts in understanding Work
and society.


Dramatic Career Shifts at ISB

Several cases of students who came to the ISB looking
for a change in their career after several years of
work experience and successfully making career shifts
were witnessed this year. Some of the dramatic career
shifts include: A student who after several years of
owning a detective agency has been offered a Vice
President-International Marketing position of a
leading healthcare company; an Indian Navy serviceman
of several years has also now opted for a job in the
healthcare services sector. Other interesting
instances of career shift are: a doctor becoming a
consultant; a shipping industry professional moving to
real estate consulting and several others.

It’s not all about money

More than 30 students at the ISB have declined high
salary packages in their quest for taking up jobs that
find the ‘best fit’ for them. Many students declined
lucrative offers and chose better job profiles.
Differentials ranged from Rs. 3 lakhs and went up to
about Rs. 26 lakhs depending upon whether the offer
rejected was a domestic one or an international
posting with a dollar salary. This is a demonstration
of the economic confidence that Indians are beginning
to feel.

This year’s recruitments at the ISB are proof of the
ISB edge and reflect how ISB graduates are being
treated at-par with the world’s best by both Indian
and global companies.

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