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A Welcome to Those Who Come, 
by Jaanu

One always waits for the one who comes. Different people relate differently
with those who come - as guests, as friends. And after a  few days, the one
who comes changes to one who has the capacity to be a host, to welcome
others. I think of those who come, as friends. But some friends throw
colour on our faces in a way that there is no option but to be smeared by

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No Sound Allows Itself to Breathe Fully, 
by Shamsher

The heat from the sun is melting everything it reaches. Everyone has
covered their bodies with light clothes, and are hiding their heads under a
parapet, inside a frameless window. The sun has forbidden anyone from
venturing out of doors. The streets look empty. One can see faces, but a
vacancy is making its place in the lanes. Each breath is muffled. No sound
allows itself to breathe fully.

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"Documents Mean Nothing", 
by Suraj

He was wearing an orange colour shirt – his uniform. He was removing the
rubble left over after houses were broken. He has been doing this work for
the last seven years. I only had to ask him, “What is it that you do
here?” and he started to talk.

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by Jaanu


A basket woven from bamboo hangs from a nail, on a wall. It is covered by a
black plastic, tied to it with a thin rope. The oil stains on the rope
recalled what the basket was used for – maybe to contain and carry oily
chaat or condensed milk. But today it stands upright because of the support
of the wall, it's pride and calmness hanging on the nail.

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CM Lab, Nangla Maanchi


It quenches the thirst of the thirsty, 
Such is Nangla,
It shelters those who come to the city of Delhi, 
Such is Nangla. 

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