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Wed Apr 12 14:36:31 IST 2006

Dear  all
Your support and solidarity means a lot in this time of struggle.
Please distribute this mail to friends and the networks you know to
get more supportive action.


Maju Varghese


April 12, 2006

Current Status:

· The indefinite hunger strike by Medha Patkar and 4 other colleagues
continues for the
14th day, in spite of arrest and hospitalization of Medha Patkar and
Jamsingh bhai. Their health is deteriorating quickly, and our urgent
action is critical.

· Team of 3 Union Ministers visited the Narmada valley on April 7th to
assess the
rehabilitation situation. Independent observers have reported that the
Ministerial team was
faced with numerous complaints about rehabilitation, and many families who got
uncultivable land or only cash compensation. Even at the sites
recommended by the officials,
they found there were no water, no electricityno sanitation,
incomplete houses and no land for cultivation.

· However, after nearly 4 days, they haven?t made a public report yet!
We need to
pressure the ministers and the Prime Minister to make a true report of
what they observed, and take action based on that!

Immediate Action Required:

· A Flood of Phone calls and faxes to the Prime Minister, Sonia
Gandhi, and the 3
ministers, Saifuddin Soz (Water Resources), Meira Kumar (Social
Justice!) & Prithviraj Chauhan (PM Office)

· Letters to Editors of major newspapers

· Those of you in Delhi could go to the respective Ministries and urge
immediate action!

Phone Numbers, fax numbers and email addresses given at the end.

Talking Points:

· Ministers should immediately issue public report, and the report
should reflect the
exact truth of what the rehabilitation situation they saw.

- Why are they delaying? What was the purpose of their visit if they
are not ready to share their report?- They had promised to get back
with some action by April 9th, and only then Medhaji will consider
withdrawing the hunger strike. This was Medhaji?s public stance.

· Dam construction should be immediately halted.- Until rehabilitation
is ensured
meeting the full norms as prescribed by the Supreme Court, how can the
construction happen? That is a violation.

- Water Resources Minister Mr. Soz is the chairman of Narmada Control
Authority, and
he has the authority to not permit the increase in height. Certainly
the Prime Minister has the authority!

- On the day after the go-ahead was given by NCA on March 11th, Mr.
Soz told the
press, ?"I am not at all satisfied with the resettlement and
rehabilitation of the
project-affected families... The clearance given by the resettlement
and rehabilitation sub-group of the Narmada Control Authority to raise
the dam height was premature.? How can he not take action?

· Medha Patkar and Jamsinghbhai should be released from the
confinement, so that they can
interact with the public and media.

- Even the British did not arrest and whisk away Gandhiji when he was on fast!

- Is the government afraid that if the public and media witness
Medha?s fast, they will
have to face the anger of the public?

Contact Information

>From India: Use STD code 011 From abroad: Use
 (international dialing code)91-11-

· Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh
Office: 23012312, 23013149, 23019545, 23016857 (Fax)
Home: 23018939, 23018668, 23015470, 23015603 (Fax)
Parliament: 23017660, 23019817, 23014255 (Fax)

· Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, leader of UPA, governing coalition
Office: 23014481, 23012656, 23018651 (FAX)

· Prof. Saifuddin Soz, Minister of Water Resources
Office: 23714663, 23714200, 23710804 (Fax)
Home: 23782032, 23782034

· Mrs. Meira Kumar, Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment

Office: 23381390, 23381001, 23381902 (Fax)

Home: 26910618, 26910639

· Mr. Prithviraj Chauhan

Office: 23010191, 23013719, 23017931 (Fax)
Home: 23013132, 23017839 (Fax)
Parliament: 23034963

Email Addresses of PM & Ministers

manmohan at sansad.nic.in;
ssaif at sansad.nic.in;
secywel at sb.nic.in
chavanprithviraj at sansad.nic.in

Letters to the Editor

editbombay at hindustantimes.com; editbombay at hindustantimes.com
editor at expressindia.com; editor at expressindia.com
toieditorial at timesgroup.com; toieditorial at timesgroup.com
asianage at vsnl.com; asianage at vsnl.com
decnet at blr.vsnl.net.in; decnet at blr.vsnl.net.in
editor at the-week.com; editor at the-week.com
editor at gujaratsamachar.com; editor at gujaratsamachar.com
letters-bombay at express2.indexp.co.in; letters-bombay at express2.indexp.co.in
outlook at outlookindia.com; outlook at outlookindia.com
observer at bom3.vsnl.net.in; observer at bom3.vsnl.net.in
thestatesman at vsnl.com; thestatesman at vsnl.com
starmail at vsnl.com; starmail at vsnl.com
editor at tribuneindia.com; editor at tribuneindia.com
htedo at giasdl01.vsnl.net.in; htedo at giasdl01.vsnl.net.in
pioneer at del2.vsnl.net.in; pioneer at del2.vsnl.net.in
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 ttedit at abpmail.com ;ttedit at abpmail.com
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