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Tue Apr 11 13:29:37 IST 2006

On Tuesday, 11 April 2006

CologneOFF - Cologne Online Film Festival (COFF)

is opening its
1st edition  - Easter 2006
under the theme

"In times of the globalization, the migration of people cross the world 
due to political, religious, ethnic and economical reasons, when the 
emancipation of the genders is advanced in certain countries & cultures, 
in others however, suppressed and persecuted, the questions of one's 
identity, defining oneself opposed to others becomes necessary in order 
to survive.
"Identityscapes" has its starting point in the identity of the genders 
as the roots of each society. Through the variety of different 
approaches and definitions a rich, colourful landscape of human 
identities becomes visible via the artistic reflections manifested in 
the moving pictures."

The festival, however, is no local phenomenon,
but due to its online status it has got global relevance and can be 
accessed for free
at any place under the conditions of a broad bandwidth Internet connection.

Screenings in physical space will follow at a later stage at Cologne and 
many other places.
Cologne OFF is organised by VideoChannel
and powered by [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]||:cologne
www.nmartproject.net .

The film festival is featuring 40 shortfilms and videos
of a duration between 1 and 15 minutes,
selected and curated by Agricola de Cologne,
It released a PDF catalogue for free download

These are the selected film/videos -
also published on http://netex.nmartproject.net/index.php?blog=7

Arzu Ozkal Telhan - Entitled as...
Andrew Johnson - Black & White
Elia Alba - La Jaba
A. Girik & O. Shatalova - Warning: Woman!
Eleanor Gates Stuart - KNIT
Ina Loitzl - Snow White and Red .....
Joao Paulo Simoes - Take.This.Turn
Elisabeth Smolarz - You & Me
Beatrice Allegranti - In my Body
Unnur A. Einarsdottir - Toilet
Sonja Vuk - Cosmo Club
Irene Tetaz - il nue
Risk Hazekamp - Gay King
Rahel Maher - Misstar
Eileen Bonner - I Thou
Steven Dixon - Invisible Girl
Sinasi G√ľnes - Androgen
Michael Brynntrup - TV-X_PERM
Fred Koenig - Voodoo Diva's International..
Lorenzo Nencini - Traviata
Joey Hateley - A:Gender
Ane Lan - Ane Lan
Carlo Sansolo - Panoptica
Erika Frenkel - Cascadura Baby
Yamil Jamani - All Quite on the Western ColognFront
Reuben James Preston -Remembering
Welmo E. Joseph - 1/2 de porcillo (1/2 chicken)
Calin Dan - Sample City
Jens Salander - The Colossus by the Sea
Dana Levy - Time with Franz
Antonia Valero - S/T
Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry - Embracement
Gudrun Bittner - A dark glimps on a white gloved mouse
Petra Lindholm - Reported Missing
Yi Hyung Kim - Wo-men, Wo-rld
Andrea Ferrara - Spazio dell'Assenza
Tan Chui Mui - Hometown
Nita Mocanu - Waiting Room
Rafael Alcala - Smoked
Nancy Atatkan - The Wall

COFF - Cologne Online Film Festival
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