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The City and Its Landscapes, Rakesh
There is a restlessness in the city. Everyday, people roam the streets,
with their inner landscapes, tussling with it amidst others, on roads which
are like the lines on our finger tips - which cannot be removed, erased.
>From where one stands, one can sense the present time, look back and see
time that has passed, but no corner of the time to come can be seen. Ahead,
there is a sky. The sky flows into time that is to come, it is the
intimation of things to come. Time watches everyone through the frames it
makes with its different weights and scales. Nothing is hidden from the
eyes of time.

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Was-Nangla-Is 01, by Henna
The last one week we have been roaming the lanes of LNJP colony with the
broadsheet from Nangla [see gallery on the blog]. We have done this with
the previous issues of the Cybermohalla broadsheets – distributing them,
standing at different points and reading them out, etc – but the
experience of this time was, to say the least, different.

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No Thoroughfare, by Nasreen
When I went to Nangla Maanchi for the first time, walking through the lanes
looking for the Compughar, I realised the lane was just like the lanes of
LNJP. Each lane branches into several others, or many lanes join it.

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Eight Postcards from JP [01]
Once the lanes were cleaned twice a day along with the houses. Today
everyone's memories hang in the air with the dust from the broken houses.

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CM Lab, Nangla Maanchi


It quenches the thirst of the thirsty, 
Such is Nangla,
It shelters those who come to the city of Delhi, 
Such is Nangla. 

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