[Reader-list] Photo studios near Royal Cinema,,, mamta

mamta mantri bawree at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 15 12:23:09 IST 2006

On either sides of Royal are two photo studios,
Tamanna and Pakeeza. I met Bobby, 24 year old, stays
at Dockyard Yard and hails from Gujarat. He manages
the shop and its customers. He has a good height and a
good physique and he is proud of it. His cousin has
joined him and is working with him for the past 2
years. By the way, Bobby’s real name is Amit, but this
is his chosen name. He does not know the past of the
shop, but definitely wants to be famous and make it
big. He aspired to be a model and tried hard at it;
but didn’t have the money (to bribe the concerned
people) and language (he has studied till 10th STD and
does not know English). He talked with me seriously,
but only after a few flirtatious moments. So he took
this job and has become famous because of this work in
the photo studio and his body. Yes, his body. He can
easily fix someone else’s face on his body and make a
picture out of it. I found them to be pretty decent
ones. But how and why should he do that? Well, the
concerned people know about how these photographs are
done and they like it too, to show them off in their
native places. For him, he is already famous locally,
from Grant Road to Bombay Central to CST, as Bobby the
photographer-model. Whatever happened to the whole
debate on morphing in the world of internet and other
wise? The reason is pretty simple: everyone has an
alter ego, and morphing allows a recluse for the alter
ego from the real self towards a parallel process
which superimposes reality; and people pay him for it.
Even though he is famous because of this profession,
the money goes to his boss. That’s what he had aimed
at, originally, right!!!!!
What about the posters of the Bollywood stars? They
buy the cut outs from Grant Road and then paste them
according to their specifications, on card board. Each
one costs about 250 Rs. They make new poster every
Eid, not before that. Why not before that? In Diwali,
you burst crackers, in Holi, you play with colors,
where is the time for photographs?
 The trend began with Sanjay Dutt and now Salman is
officially on the top. So the hierarchy goes like
this: Salman Khan, Bobby, and full stop. What about
Kareena, Rani and others. They are way beyond the
These posters definitely are a major source of income,
now that the passport office opposite has closed down.
Pretty interesting, huh!!!!


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