[Reader-list] Watch that bun-maska!

Dilip D'Souza -- Sarai dilip.sarai at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 15:11:35 IST 2006

Mahmood, I thought of that. But I have two responses.

1) I cannot believe "large majority", for this simple reason: that
would mean that I, and most people around me, are from a tiny
minority. (I realize you suggest perhaps we are exceptions, I'm just
saying I find that unlikely). I've gone into some such areas with
people I've met for the first time that day -- meaning people I don't
know beforehand -- and I cannot believe that it's just my luck to keep
finding people from that tiny minority who don't feel uneasy.

2) Even if some people do feel uncomfortable, I think the answer is to
go into those areas and see for yourself. (I don't have any problem
with people bearing prejudices. What gets to me is the guys who are
unwilling to question those prejudices). I mean, look at the other
such situations we might find ourselves in, and tell me whether the
"unpredictable, irrational violence" line applies:

 * you're a man alone in an auditorium full of women, and vice versa.
 * you're a left-handed person in a school full of right-handed people.
 * you're a non-Catholic in the Vatican, or in Matharpacady.
 * you're an Indian in a largely white town in northern Scotland.
 * you're a Tamil speaker surrounded by Hindi speakers.
 * etc.

Which of these situations are analogous to going into a Muslim area?
Why? Which should induce some fear, and why?

dilip d'souza.

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