[Reader-list] fourth posting:poems of the city

debjani sengupta debjanisgupta at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 22 09:40:49 IST 2006

Some translations of poems on the city by me; hope you
enjoy them. Debjani 

Roadside shelter
On Kolkata's breast 
Wide as wings 
Tin sheds and Iron railings 
The bus-stand shelter
Jute bags flapping 
Night shelter 
In the december cold 
Has moved
To another road another pavement address.
 Debobrata Bhattacharya, 'Ghumparani Golpo ebong'    

You came to the City
 ....leaving aside homes, hearths, the path between
fields, the river's pull, trudging mile after mile,
you came to the city. Ballygunj to Sealdah, Sealdah to
Khidirpur, Khidirpur to Howrah you keep walking.
Beneath your cracked soles boiling tar. Over your
head, a sky dripping fire... 
 Ranajit Sinha, 'Shohore Gramer Chashi''    

The Refugee March

Through tram windows office babus look
In the crowded maidan a meeting;
>From second floors, women watch, plaits in hand
Refugee mothers seething, milling

Manindra Roy, 'Ekhoni Ekhane'

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