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Youth and Urban Identity


PUKAR Monsoon 2006

For the past four years PUKAR Monsoon has provided a platform for youth to express their ideas on Mumbai in multiple ways. They have re-edited archival footage, composed photo-essays, produced audio and video documentaries, written essays, created graphic narratives and translated literary works. These acts of creative expression and documentation have generated serious statements on Mumbai, made by youth from the vantage point of their special location in the city. 
This year Monsoon puts the spotlight on the youth themselves under the theme: Youth and Urban Identity. 
Are you scared, excited, optimistic- how do you feel about Mumbai's future?  If you could design a Mumbai of the future, what would it look like, smell like, feel like? 
Program Details (revised): 
Monsoon 2006 will take place between May 15th and June 5th, with a series of workshops, lectures and film screenings. Workshops include hands-on exercises using photography, theatre, urban design and mapping, music and writing. Lectures cover a vast range of topics pertinent to today's youth, including urban health, communalism, student movements and media, to name a few. Events will take place throughout the city and suburbs.  They will be conducted in various languages including English, Hindi and Marathi.  
*Confirmed speakers are listed below. Possible venues include: Kitab Mahal, Bombay University, St. Xavier's College, Wilson College, Juhu S.N.D.T., Ruia College, Podar College, National College and Somaiya College. 
An updated schedule with venues, timings and additional speakers will be sent as information becomes available. Please contact us for details or questions.


PUKAR Monsoon is open to all youth. To register, send the following information by May 10, 2006 to monsoon at pukar.org.in or mail it to the PUKAR office address given below. Please write 'Monsoon Registration' in the subject heading. (For fee details please contact the PUKAR office)










School, College or Affiliation (if applicable):


Workshop Interest:



Pukar Monsoon 2006 Schedule
Orientation Session
Introduction and Overview of Schedule
Monsoon Workshop 1: Mapping our Lives
Conducted by Shilpa Ranade, architect
Activity: Creating personal maps 
Participants will construct maps reflecting their daily activities- work, college, sports, shopping, meeting friends, commuting, and the communities whom they encounter. Participants will design maps of their "ideal" neighborhood and city- its value systems, use of public space and commercial space, and its constituency.   

Monsoon Workshop 2:  Gender and Public Space
Conducted by Shilpa Phadke, sociologist; Sameera Khan, journalist
Activity:  Imagining gender-friendly spaces  
Participants will discuss how gender functions in the ordering of public space in Mumbai and particularly among its youth population. Do gendered spaces ensure safety- e.g. the Ladies' compartment on the train?  This workshop will ask participants to critically examine the design of public places they frequent, from streets, public toilets and market places to places they socialize and their modes of public transport.  


Monsoon Workshop 3 & 4:  Identity at the Crossroads
Workshop 3: Conducted by Ratnakar Matkari, playwright, theatre director
Workshop 4: Conducted by Prakash Khandage, folk art practitioner
Activity: Using theatre to explore identity and conflict
Participants will engage in various theatre techniques to identify tensions which arise in urban life, in addition to how they negotiate multiple identities, those inherited and those acquired.  Drawing on comedy, drama, suspense and other forms, participants will witness the power of creative methodologies to explore various possibilities and outcomes.    
Monsoon Workshop 5: Capturing Mumbai's Changing Face
Conducted by:  Speaker TBA 
Activity: Photographing Mumbai's development
Participants will learn how photography can be used to document changes in public and commercial space which affect the city at large and the youth in particular.  This workshop will urge youth to consider how photography can be used to understand infrastructure, inform urban planning and tell stories about Mumbai's changing landscape.
Please bring your own camera. A mobile phone with photo capacity is sufficient.
Monsoon Workshop 6: Making Music in Mumbai
Conducted by:  Neela Bhagwat
Activity:  Song-writing 
>From car horns to religious chants to protests to vendors to the latest hits blasting from record stores to chatter in one of many languages, the streets of Mumbai are filled with the sounds of music.  In this workshop, participants will be asked to draw from the sounds of Mumbai to inspire new songs about their hopes, dreams, and visions for the future.
Lecture 1
Youth and our Airwaves 
Malishka Mendonsa, Radio Jockey
Lecture 2
Youth and Urban Health 
Anita Patil Deshmukh, Physician and Director of Pukar
Lecture 3
Youth and Educational Institutions
Rahul Srivastava, Writer and Sociologist
Lecture 4
Mumbai's Changing Face - Economy and Infrastructure   
Vidyadhar Phatak, Former Chief Planner, MMRDA
Lecture 5
Youth and Issues of Good Governance
Surendra Srivastava, Representative of Lok Satta

Lecture 6

Youth, Urban Communities and Revolutions - Premiji to Rang de...

Kaiwan Mehta, Faculty (KRVIA), Architect


Lecture 7

Mumbai's Urban Biodiversity and its conservation (Your role)!

Anand Pendharkar, Environmentalist, SPROUTS

Aur Irani Chai
A Short Film on Migration, Memory and Mumbai City (20 Minutes)
Portraits of a Lane
A Short Film on Homes, Heritage and Mumbai City (20 minutes)
Freedom Before 11
A Short Film on Women and Hostel Life (25 minutes)
Additional films may be included later.



PUKAR (Partners for Urban Knowledge Action and Research)
Address:: 1-4, 2nd Floor, Kamanwala Chambers, Sir P. M. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001
Telephone:: +91 (22) 5574 8152 
Fax:: +91 (22) 5664 0561
Email:: pukar at pukar.org.in
Website:: www.pukar.org.in
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