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Dilip D'Souza -- Sarai dilip.sarai at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 13:47:53 IST 2006

Thanks Anand. I haven't seen Dhoom, but as Mahmood also says, that kind of
portrayal is common, not least in Basanti. I've run itno that
"Mini-Pakistan" epithet too often for it to be funny (if it ever was).

So you ask the pertinent question: how do you get those people who won't go
into Dongri to go nevertheless? In my case, my hope is that I can show them
by what I write that there's  no reason for fear, or no more reason than in
going anywhere else. I mean, nobody paid us any more attention that we'd get
anywhere else, truly. I hope that example gets people to think.

Aman, stuff to think about in your mail too. I think you raise a good point:
it's not just you who might feel comfortable or not in the place, but the
people there who have to feel some level of comfort with you. And sometimes
that takes more than one visit. I remember a shopkeeper near where I was
staying in Jammu a couple of years ago, every time I stopped to have a drink
(it was VERY hot), he would chat about all kinds of things, including the
situation in J&K. Some interesting opinions, so one day I asked him if I
could take some notes while we chatted. He nodded, but then clammed up.
Wouldn't say anything but monosyllables, and I got nowhere.

How do you overcome that?

dilip d'souza.
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