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While interacting with helpline workers I  have found a common thread in the   helplines i have visited ,each of them  has one or more volunteer or worker who was himself or herself  beneficiary of Helpline at some point or another ,and the help they got from it was the motivating factor for them to be associated with it. following is a life history of a worker.
  Child helpline worker 
  PK belongs to bihar ,  (generally people will call him a runaway child) according to him he left his home at the age of 16  after having disagreement in 
  his family, he was tenth passed at that time full of confidence and 
  energy that he can do any thing . After leaving his home he spent some time 
   on streets of India , first  he travelled many places  then 
  he went to punjab and started working in a Dhaba , he worked there for 
  few months  but sooner came to know that nothing good will come out of it  so he left that and went to Faridabad and started working in a thread factory.
  He liked that job and was very hard working & sincere ,so very soon he got promoted to the post of  supervisor.
  Pk  was doing well in the factory until one day, when the tragic accident took 
  place, there was fire all over the factory  many people were burnt including him , he was unconscious for more than one month , his employeer was a nice man and he took care of him , but when he became conscious,  he found his life  miserable as 40 % of his  body was burnt , he was not able to do any work by his hands, his confidence was shattered and out going personality was transformed , he did not wanted to interact with other people so he  went back his home. 
  when he returned he home did not wanted to show his face to anybody but people kept asking questions about his burnt body ,which made him very depressed , so he again left his home came to Delhi  and contacted childline .
  childline workers treated him diferently from rest of the world  and helped him to come over trauma. with the help of counsellors and medical treatment he once again gained his self respect and courage to move on. He was so impresed by the service that  he volunteered himself in childline after the recovery. Since than he has been working in childline as a team member and helpling children in distress specially children who live on street . 
  PK said that he  enjoy his work as its gives him satisfaction . he is also pursuing higher studies through correspondence .he likes do challenging jobs as it boosts his confidence. 
  At times there are difficulties and problems in helpline to when the get difficult cases ,but the   worst part of his job is the 'shift' changing rituals which no body likes,as  it disturbs the whole routine.
  Interestingly PK said that he is a change person 'outside' helpline otherwise we wont be able to survive, for example 'helpline worker' are suppose to be soft spoken with  controlled emotional involvement , but as  he leaves his office he become a differently person , he is a tough guy when he travel  in a local train, where there are lots of people ready to mess and over power the weak , so he is ready all the time to give equal and opposite reaction, this is the reason why some times he feels very restricted and frustrated  in handling 'difficult calls' .  At last they have to be in a boundry  , have to bear all 'abuses' on phone . 
  Responding to the job timings he said that  that 9 to 5 job is good  because it does not disturb the routine ,one can have a personal life too, can enjoy to avoid all sort of stress and frustration.
  on being asked that what do he do in his free time at home to relax he said that at home he loves music especially old songs of lata and Pankaj Udhas. Even today he dont like making many friends ,he has only one friend with whom he go out for movies and walk.
  following are the different services childhelpline provides to children in distress:
Rescue  from abuse
Death related
Child lost
Emotional support and guidance
Information about referral /Childline.

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