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New Postings on Nangla's Delhi,
24th April, 2006

Objects of Desire, 
by Neelofar
::Nangla Elsewhere::

People decorate their houses according to their needs. Every person has her
corner/space/objects in her home, which she decorates with love. For
instance when my father used to do his sewing work at home, he used to
decorate the corner where his machine used to be kept, with posters of
heroes, heroins and models. It wasn't important for him to know their
names. He used to see in the clothes worn in those photographs a publicity
of his own work.

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Tiny Fragments, 
by Lakhmi
::The Journey After::

The grey cement ground that is used for morning prayers was scratched with
various shapes for playing games, using red chalk. All class rooms were
shut and locked with identical locks. Some doors were not locked, though,
and one could peep through them to catch a glimpse of what they may have
looked like when they were still in use. The dust infused air had settled
in the class rooms. Piles of dust lay accumulated in the corners.

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by Yashoda
::Nangla Elsewhere::

A twenty-twenty five year old man is sitting by the road, his legs folded
under him. Next to him is a hillock-like pile of things, covered by a
sheet. Whenever a car passes by, the sheet blows a little, tearing off a
bit, and the steel utensils, cans for storing flour and children's clothes
become visible. The basti is in its everyday rhythm. People know that a
settlement has been broken somewhere, but the reverberations of that are
deep inside hearts, not on the surface. But those tremors have taken a
concrete form and lie before everyone's eyes today, as this young man by
the road. People passing by him ask him, "What happened brother? Why are
you sitting here?"

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