[Reader-list] where do the homeless live?

Prayas Abhinav prayas.abhinav at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 16:09:57 IST 2006

Hi all!

Need some help for my current project. All responses welcome....

Am posting a snippet from my blog post here.

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Are you from Mumbai? Do you know things about the city that most people don't?

I am working on a short-film for which I need your help. The film,
tentatively titled, "A place to stay" revolves around the possibility
that all the homeless do not live on the streets/pavements. Some of
these people have been able to imaginatively figure out
off-beat/alternative spaces in the city where they can sleep at night,
with no one making it difficult for them.

* Do you know of spaces in Mumbai, where homeless/nomadic people sleep at night?

* Do you know (or know of) individuals in the city who for work (they
could be working night shifts and be prefering to sleep near where
they work) or any other reason, know where they can sleep safely in
different localities?

* Do you know kids who live on the street (do you teach them, work
with them?) who seem to have found such places to stay?

* Can you think of such spaces, have a strong hunch but would still
like to share it? Go ahead, I'll follow it up and see if there is
something there.

<< If you don't know, but can imagine... >>-------------<< >>

I am also looking at how different people imagine living spaces in the
city, where can we imagine people staying? In this imagining might be
lying a lot of answers... If you'd land up in a city like Mumbai, all
alone, with no money, where would you sleep on the first night?

* So, you can imagine places where people might be sleeping at night -
BEST buses, parking lots, terraces of apartment buildings, something
more plausible?

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Blog-post: http://peacefarm.prayas.in/?p=140

The post has more details about the project, instructions for
submitting your ideas / clues and details about the Rs.2000 PRIZE to
the individual/group who submits the MOST USEFUL INFORMATION.

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Thanks to everyone in advance!

web: http://www.prayas.in

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