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26th April, 2006

One Evening, by Shamsher
[ Nangla Elsewhere ]

As the evening spreads, street lamps that line the roads begin to cast
their light, and cars begin to race on the roads with their twinkling

The evening at JP is radiant. People have wrapped up their work, and with
time on their hands, have come out onto the main road, searching their
friends, and respite from the April heat. Those who work in workshops have
dried their brows and have come out to lighten the lines forming on their
foreheads. People passing by on the road continue to halt at and move on
from the shops according to their needs. Everyone holds their everyday
tightly in their fists, careful that they don't lose their grip, lest it
slip out.

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>From the Rubble, by Jaanu
[ Eviction ] 


A woman sits, a hammer with a wooden handle in hand, amidst the rubble of
her broken house. She picks up one brick at a time, knocks the cement off
it, cleaning it, and making a separate pile of cleaned bricks. The heat of
the sun makes her sweat, and the sweat halts like small beads of sweat on
her face. She stops from time to time, to wipe the sweat away, with the hem
of her saree. Some beads trickle down to her lips, and her tongue drinks
them. She turns her body and drinks water from a small vessel she has kept
in the shade. Her lips are moistened.

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In the Morning, by Suraj
[ The Journey After ]

Nangla looks different in the morning. There is no electricity, and sounds
echo softer than they do otherwise. The echoes of demolition and eviction
are also softer. It looks like Nangla is finding its way into a new life,
in the morning.

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It quenches the thirst of the thirsty, 
Such is Nangla,
It shelters those who come to the city of Delhi, 
Such is Nangla. 

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