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Wed Apr 26 14:09:55 IST 2006

 Provocation or prejudice. Attack or insanity. Hype is all over the world
that media in democracy faces the rootlessness. So it is on the verge of
violence. Everyday we got reports about clashes between the mass and media.
This is the portrayal of truth. Faith diminishes. In monarchy the media is
considered a tool to rule. And in 'Rule of Law', it is a tool to force law,
abide by all. Democratically, countries prosper a free thought society, that
gives space free media. The media with a history of alignment. The romantic
episode of a media era was always written by some movement, upsurge and
right fight. People make the passage of time, a history. History that needs
media to told the society. In all ways the media become the fourth estate of

As we develop as a democracy the emancipation, awareness, maturity, right
demand and playing an active role in society become reality. People and
organisations become actively involved in the makeup process. As you see in
Indian society, the make-over of fields today portray fine prints. Society
is sensing, politics changing, economy brimming and people become aware of
demand and rights. Be it a shallow revolution or a walking process, it
happened. In this all, the media concurrently habitat with the beat of the

Technology sweeps temper, creativity hamper reality and showiness halts the
naturality. The content become a plain paper to colour it in your way.

Is the media running on screen depicting the mores and ethics of society?
Some eyes behind specs say affimatively. But the windfacer is not
optimistic.Reactions shock you.Media culture is consider as popular
culture.The state is like, the glamour and camera are synonymous. When a
piece to camera is the namesake of identity!

The story has some pros and cons to heat. Every hyped story has some clues.
Coverage of some sensitive stories show you the cautions to take. Like the
minor bomb blast at jama masjid, the repercussions are end up in a clash
between media and religious authority. What's in the deep? The caricature
different media channels make is going beyond the TRP rating, one of the
channel teach the religious authority that he pardons the media. Forget it!
And one said that the political arrogance has a hand in it.It is the
'religion based viewing technique' that first time seen in Indian
media.Sense it may become a tool to play the game in future.Crisis hovering
up for some news channels.

Well this clash is a state of nation. Journalist has to reveal the insight
angle of a question. Religion person has to be ask the state of
interference.Both has no limitation currently.Popular media culture assign
the traveller with a media batch a arrogance to peel.And the victim has some
prejudices and provocation.Things happen at last in the fist.

Coping from crass is not so easy.Vision of media is centered and our life
too, so they match.The content we see, is our illusionary world, really maya

Well change is the nature, but only forcible demand of right to see, can
change the gross nature.Ask the media in letter,that is this my media?Can I
follow you for the sake of usable information?How could you be beneficial to
me, to the society.

Answers are waiting!

Bhavya Srivastava
<the_news_writer at yahoo.co.in>
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