[Reader-list] August on -empyre- soft-skinned space: Paripatetic Pacific

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August on -empyre- soft-skinned space:  Paripatetic Pacific

with:  open mike plus PRNMS guests TBA

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Welcome an open mike on Pacific Rim and new media practice, in terms  
of two metaphors,  'journey' and 'bridges'.

  At ISEA this year, there's a Pacific Rim New Media Summit  (PRNMS)  
going on August 7 and 8.  PRNMS hopes for international cooperation  
in new media culture, via the metaphor of the bridge:


>   (quoted from the ISEA PRNMS  site http://01sj.org/content/ 
> blogcategory/69/87/
>> From the outset we thought of the Summit as a mechanism to  
>> encourage and facilitate international cooperation with an eye to  
>> sustainable relationships. Understandably this approach is not  
>> without difficulties and, as desired, it has been an emergent  
>> process rather than directorial.  We view the Summit as a point  
>> along a trajectory of building ‘interpretive bridges’ that broaden  
>> all of our capacities for creative and intellectual exchange.  By  
>> focusing the Summit on sustainable ‘outcomes’ it is our objective  
>> to facilitative cooperative agendas that enable creative  
>> production, research and cultural/political practice that  
>> challenge current models of cooperation.  The Summit is not an  
>> attempt to simply become comfortable with one another or to  
>> suggest that collaboration is not without controversy, dissent and  
>> disagreement.  The Summit is also about the collisions of ideology  
>> and manifesto.  It is about trying to work through the  
>> problematics of diversity and difference.

And we're keying off of a provocative artists manifesto by  Raqs  
Media Collective (Delhi) (quoted from the recent  Place, Ground and  
Practice in Asia Pacific New Media Arts, December 2005, Auckland)    
http://culturalfutures.place.net.nz/  Raqs conceptualizes practice in  
terms of 'journey' and 'journeyman'.

> "The first imperative, that of crossing borders, translates as  
> scepticism of the rhetoric of bounded identities, and relates to  
> the role of the practitioner as a 'journeyman', as the peripatetic  
> who maps an alternative world by her journey through it. The  
> second, of building a shelter against the odds of the law, insists  
> however on a practice that is located in space, and rooted in  
> experience, that houses itself in a concrete 'somewhere' on its own  
> terms, not of the powers that govern spaces. It is this fragile  
> insistence on provisional stability, which allows for journeys to  
> be made to and from destinations, and for the mapping of routes  
> with resting places in between."
> -- Raqs Media Collective, 'X Notes on Practice'

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