[Reader-list] Disproportion and the Justification of War

t.ray at vsnl.com t.ray at vsnl.com
Sun Aug 6 07:53:17 IST 2006


Thanks for your response. My hard drive had to be formated yesterday. Hence the late response. 

What you say is absolutely right. In fact, I was aware of the mix-up in my last response myself, which is why I made it a point to mention that in some places I am merely trying to see what motivates the actors. 

> Hi, Tapas, wanted to say something about your reasoned vs. visceral distinction.
> It's good to distinguish 2 (and maybe more) separate types questions here:

This sounds very interesting. I would really like to read it. Could you let me have the links, etc., if any of it is available online?

> My current research, curiously enough, makes me hesitate to classify the 
> visceral element as irrational or outside the sphere of good reasons. 



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