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Wed Aug 9 11:34:10 IST 2006

Hetero Utopia: Mapping the Urban Terrain

This exhibition shows a collection of works that
specifically compiled to map out the various urban
space complexities in various countries. It presents
artworks from artists of different social & political
territories in different periods, including some
public participatory and online project. This
exhibition also tries to portray a comparative study
on contemporary urban situation from various urban
territories, which will be investigated through
personal perspectives and a subjective
micro-narration. Most of the works are focusing on
city spaces, carefully examining layers hidden beyond
building walls and highways. Participating in the
exhibition are artists from Indonesia, New Zealand,
Denmark, Germany & Austria; as well as the city
inhabitants of Bandung.

Apart from video works, this exhibition is equipped by
several projects specifically dedicated in conjunction
with Artepolis: Creative Culture & the Making of
Place. 36 Frames Photography Project involves the
public in identifying the visual trajectory around
Dago area, thus collectively recognizing the mental
map of the participants from their own perception
about Dago street. Urban Cartography Project also
involves its audience to map out spots with special
meanings for the public in Bandung City as a dynamic
psychogeography of Bandung from the view of its
inhabitants. At the same time, an online project
connecting Bandung and Manchester will be commenced as
a part of the Futuresonic 2006 event in Manchester.
Through a project entitled Luncheon in the Barge
Project, several individuals will meet to share
stories on the experience of living in Bandung and
Manchester, while exploring river/canals in
Manchester. These projects can be accessed through
www.commonroom.info/bcfnma/futuresonic2006. During the
exhibition, the audience may actively participate in
the event. 

In general, some artworks and projects presented in
the exhibition show diverse perceptions of the
intertwined urban spaces, filled with flux and
contradiction. A city is an in between-space where
"self" and "the other" confronts, unleashing
possibilities of conflicts and negotiations, and thus
become a pure representation of chaos and order.
Several of the presented videos also show a view of
banality tendencies in the dailyscape, as well as wild
imaginations, stories, relations between individuals,
memories of places, including the anxieties and
terrors that are often present in the urban spaces.
For this reason, perhaps we could consider the urban
spaces as a symbol of many utopian conflicts and

This presentation is specially commissioned by
Department of Architecture, School of Architecture,
Planning and Policy Development, Bandung Institute of
Technology. Organized by Bandung Center for New Media
Arts in conjunction with Artepolis: Creative Culture &
the Making of Place.

Platform I (Architecture Galllery - ITB)
36 Frames Photography Project participants: Bondri
Cemara, Chendy Oktaviana Y., Christian Aditya, Dadang,
Dedi Ruhendi, Eko Kurnianto, Imam Cahyadi, Lunalda
Kanzeila, M. Aminullah, Medianna Novita, Mulana
Rohimat, Oktavina Qurrota Ayun, OQ Adiredja, Pidi,
Reggy, Riswan Andika, Rizki Ardianto Priramadhi,
Samuel Unggul, Stevie Stephanie, Syauqi Lukman, Tatat
Tresnawatie, Tifa Nurlatifa, Trias Terina, Troy, Utami
Karmawan, Vijey and Yustinus Ardhitya.

Platform II (Soemardja Gallery - ITB)
Muhammad Akbar (Indonesia), Nanna Debois Buhl
(Denmark), Tamar Guimares (Denmark), Klaus Ohad Said
Auderer (Austria), Daniel Malone, Sriwhana Spong, Kah
Bee Chow, Catherine Garet, Janet Lilo, Nova Paul (New
Zealand), Prilla Tania (Indonesia) and ruangrupa
(Indonesia). Also featuring Recurring Spaces Video
Compilation (From the Displacement Project
Bandung-Singapore 2006). Including works from Banung
Grahita; (IKAL) Chairine Stevanny, Fitriani K.D.,
Annisa S., Fini Kania; Erik M. Pauhrizi; Gembi & Ageng
(Pemuda Elektrik); Muhammad Reggie Aquara; OQ
Adiredja; Rizaldi Fakhruddin; Tisa Granicia & Budi Adi
Nugroho; and Yusuf Ismail. 

Organized by Bandung Center for New Media Arts
Directed by T. Ismail Reza
Produced by R.E. Hartanto
Text by Gustaff H. Iskandar
Photograph by OQ & LUNA

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