[Reader-list] Civil Society Activists Demand to Stop Mysterious Disappearances in Pakistan

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Civil Society Activists Demand to Stop Mysterious Disappearances in Pakistan 
  In Pakistan 800-1000 people belonging to different sectors are disappeared by various state apparatuses. Mysterious disappearances of the political leaders, activist and media person has become crucial in Sindh. More than 57, out of 1000 could be enlisted as yet including prominent activists from Sindh and. These were the views of the civil society members gathered at a local hotel of Hyderabad in the Dialogue on ‘In-volunteer Disappearance: Role of Civil society and State’ organized by the Sindh Development Society in collaboration with Action Aid Pakistan. 
  Ayaz Latif Palijo a renowned lawyer and political analyst said in the dialogue that mysterious disappearances by the law enforcing agencies in Sindh must be stopped immidiately.  He also emphasized that Supreme Court to take Sou motto actions for recovering of these missing people. He appreciated the Sou motto actions taken by Supreme Court against the Rahman Maree who kept family of the freed bonded labor Munoo Bheel.  Farheen Mughual, MPA Sindh Assembly said that Sindh pays the biggest part of taxes but its inhabitants’ lives are insecure. She blamed the state that it has failed to protect its people and it intends to divert the people mind from heavy issue of the Sindh. Punhal Saryo of Sindh National Congress said that state wants to create anarchy. He condemned all kind of illegal disappearances by the law enforcing agencies in Pakistan. Zulfiqar Shah, Provincial Coordinator, SAP- PK said that it non judiciary action that families of the disappeared political and
 media person are in miserable position. He warned if this continues, people’s trust on state and judiciary intuitions will decrease. He said that every person has the rights of political disagreement, and any violent action by the state institutions will generate a violent reaction.  Fathah Maree, Manager Programs, Action Aid Pakistan, said that state is responsible to give safety to its peoples. Freedom of expression is the basic right of the people. The act of involuntary disappearances is threatening the innocent peoples of society. He stressed that civil society can play better role to create pressure on the state. Peace and social activist Aslam Khwaja suggested that this type of problems could only be solved if international pressure is created through unbiased International Human rights organizations such as Amnesty International. SDS’s executive director Ghfar Malik said that lawyers can play a vital role to move this campaign successful.   . 
  At the end, a committee was formed to launch a campaign to resolve the issue. The committee comprises veteran lawyer Yousaf leghari, Muzfar Saidq Bhatti, Hussain Bux Thebo, Ayaz lateef Palijo, Punhal Saryo, Farheen Mughal, Aslam Khuwaja, Zulifqar Shah and Ghafar Malik. 
   In the dialogue family members of disappeared political activists Asif Baladi, Manhji Chandio, and Chetan Bajir demanded the freedom of the disappeared activists or declaration of the detention by the state. Finaally, Jagarta Threater Group presented a theatre drama over the issue.   
  The representatives of NGOs, political organizations, Bar Counsel, writers, columnist and families of disappeared people participated the dialogue. 

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