[Reader-list] Communalisation by Media

Vedavati Jogi vrjogi at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 12 09:57:29 IST 2006

Thank you Mr. Roger Das for giving me the valuable information …’Mohammad 
Rafi was a Muslim’.
I was not aware of that. For me he was an Indian, who happens to be my most 
favourite singer.

Incidentlly, my most favourite actress is Madhubala, I love to see 
Shahrukh’s films, I am an admirer of Shabana’s acting skills & Javed 
Akhtar’s writing skills. I saw ‘Dil Chahata Hai’ 5 times, which was directed 
by Farhan Akhtar and 2 of its 3 leading actors were Amir & Saif.  I love to 
watch Irfan Pathan’s bowling, I am a fan of Ustad Jakir Hussain, and most 
importantly, I possess great respect for Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam!

Very frequently, rather every day,  I see them on TV screen.

Unfortunately it had not occurred to me before, that all of them ARE   
Thank you once again. I will definitely support you in your crusade against 
communal media.

And I am sure, all practicing ‘Pseudo-secularists’ will join us.

‘Islam’ is really ‘khatare me hai’ in India- happenings in Kashmir, Godhra, 
Akshardham, Bomb blasts in Mumbai have proved it from time to time.

yours sincerely,

Vedavati  Ravindra  Jogi

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>Subject: [Reader-list] Communalisation by Media
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>   In this communal driven country even media is running on the path of 
>partiality especially when it the question of Indian Muslims ahcievement 
>arises. yesterday it was the birth anniversary of wonderful  singer-actor 
>Kishore Kumar and eevery news channels, hindi and bengali, aired nice 
>programme on the late singer. It was good to have such programme in the 
>midst of these political drama that happens everyday. And on 30th July NDTV 
>carried an hour programme on S.D.Burman, the famous music composer, to 
>celebrate his anniversary. But sad to say that media has sidelined the 
>death or birth anniversary of the legend versatile singer, Md. Rafi. I was 
>desparately switching the channels to watch some programme on the death 
>anniversary of Md. Rafi, on 31st july but in vain. No news channels even 
>bother to carry just a spot on him. certainly only one inference comes out 
>of it and that is the religion. Being a devout msulim Md. Rafi has not 
>given due respect in media whereas singers
>  and music composers, his contemporaries and juniors noticed on television 
>in some way or other just because they are non-muslims. I have not seen any 
>especial coverage of any Indian Muslim dignatories of any field. This 
>established a fact that almost all the media are owned by upper caste hindu 
>groups and managed by hindus who least bother to consider Indian Muslim 
>acheievers as real treasures of the country. Thus it create new and deep 
>rift between Muslim and hindu, it is very unfortunate that media is also 
>running on the path of communalism and favouring non-muslims. Hope this 
>letter will find place in your esteemed newspaper.
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