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Sat Aug 12 16:28:22 IST 2006

Dear Mr. Roger Das,
  I am wondering whether highlighting only certain facts will reflect the truth.
  Communalisation by media, it may be true in some quaters. if the media forgetting Mohammed Rafi, equals to communalisation of Media, then what does the eugolisation of Shah Rukh Khan, day in and day out, amount to??? That special episodes are made on Amir Khan and today, Saif too has become the darling of the media. And so has his sister. And then in that case no one should be using Irfan Pathan as an advertisement Idol. Why is AR Rahman, the uncrowned king of the music world - not because he is a Muslim, but because he is the best. And let me tell you, His song, "Sat rangi re" from Dil se and "piya haji ali" are the best of his compositions according to me. My sister used to listen to "piya haji ali" every night before going to sleep, while she was pregnant, because she wanted her child to imbibe the spiritual feelings that come from that song. 
  by the way, i am from that so-called upper caste community of brahmins. 
  Please do not make a mountain of the mole hill. It is true that muslims have been seen with suspicion due to the effects of partition in some quarters. But then, so is it a fact, that most of our Bollywood big stars have been Muslims for many decades, even in days after partition, we had Suraiyya and Yousuf Khan AKA Dilip Kumar who were given a cult status by the people of this country. 
  Ofcourse, Yousuf Saab, did make remarks in Pakistan against India when he went to receive an honour in Pakistan, is another matter, that no one mentions. It was reported in the Week, many years ago. 
  It is a fact, abberations are there. But there are two sides to the same coin. Just as all Germans are not Nazis, so are not all Hindus, RSS sympathisers.
  In fact, while I was in school, we never bothered who was a hindu or who was a muslim. we all ate together from each others lunch boxes,  and my parents never taught us to be intolerant- my first best friend was a Muslim girl, and today I have very close friends who are from Pakistan, one is from the Azad Kashmir (as they call it) and my father always took us to the Dargah in the outskirts of Hyderabad. and this is no exception. there are tons of such cases. 
  please kindly, do not stoke anger by constantly GENERALISING, applying facts that belong only to certain sections of the society to the Society at Large. 
  Most importantly, let us not forget where the problem arises... yes it is a fact, that caste based discrimination continues in this country, especially in rural areas, so also, it continues among both converted christians and muslims too... both religions which preach egalitarian treatment too all its peoples' have not been able to remove the caste discrimination which continued even after conversions...
  we will be able to change things, if we, each one of us, looks inwards at the flaws in our own individual systems and try to correct them, rather than always trying to throw stones at others....
  let us set our own homes in order first....
  Let us try to build a nation, away from the rifts that were created by the Colonisers. 
   Let us not forget that Azim Premji, shot up to the top position as the richest INDIAN, in this very country. 
  If discrimination was really so much against the minority community, they would not have been seen anywhere in the public sphere, like the way it is with the minority communities in Pakistan or Bangladesh. 

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>Subject: [Reader-list] Communalisation by Media
>Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 02:26:25 -0700 (PDT)
>   In this communal driven country even media is running on the path 
>partiality especially when it the question of Indian Muslims 
>arises. yesterday it was the birth anniversary of wonderful  
>Kishore Kumar and eevery news channels, hindi and bengali, aired nice 
>programme on the late singer. It was good to have such programme in 
>midst of these political drama that happens everyday. And on 30th July 
>carried an hour programme on S.D.Burman, the famous music composer, to 
>celebrate his anniversary. But sad to say that media has sidelined the 
>death or birth anniversary of the legend versatile singer, Md. Rafi. I 
>desparately switching the channels to watch some programme on the 
>anniversary of Md. Rafi, on 31st july but in vain. No news channels 
>bother to carry just a spot on him. certainly only one inference comes 
>of it and that is the religion. Being a devout msulim Md. Rafi has not 
>given due respect in media whereas singers
>  and music composers, his contemporaries and juniors noticed on 
>in some way or other just because they are non-muslims. I have not 
seen any 
>especial coverage of any Indian Muslim dignatories of any field. This 
>established a fact that almost all the media are owned by upper caste 
>groups and managed by hindus who least bother to consider Indian 
>acheievers as real treasures of the country. Thus it create new and 
>rift between Muslim and hindu, it is very unfortunate that media is 
>running on the path of communalism and favouring non-muslims. Hope 
>letter will find place in your esteemed newspaper.

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