[Reader-list] Communalisation by Media

sareen ch. chsreen at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 14 15:07:38 IST 2006

To whom so ever it may be concerned.

Dear Friends

I have been requesting the mainainers of this group to
unsubcribe me from the list, nevertheless, after
pleading for a long one year even, I dont understand,
why I could not be successful in escaping from these
mails. I tried all the possible ways in communicating
to both the human and non-human sources that are
involved in inserting me into the group, however in
vain. As a person involved in several other issues I
cannot make time to read the discussions goingon
between the members of the sarai group. I would be
very grateful to anyone of you, who takes an
initiative in helping meescape these mails.
Eventhough, I extende my supporting hand to any
invidual or group.


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