[Reader-list] Nangla-Ghevra Update

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Sat Aug 19 09:36:15 IST 2006

Dear All,

The next round (the final round) of demolition of Nangla is scheduled for
next week. (There was no police availability till 15th August, but there is

End of July, a letter was procured from MCD, stating parcheez (slips) for
allocation of land will be given out in Nangla between the 3rd and the 6th
of August.

The process finally began on the 5th, when 33 parcheez were given out. 99
were given away on the 6th.

for short videos from Nangla from 06th August, the second day of issue of

The next round of distribution of parcheez will be around the 21st-22nd of
August. According to MCD officials, they have a list of 950 people who will
be relocated. The list has two categories - I and II - pre 1990 and pre

These parcheez are receipts of cash (Rs. 7000) that have to be deposited
towards the land. They say "cash received for 10 years".

Around the 24th-25th of August, parcheez for land - that is where the
relocation will be and what the plot number is - will be given away
against the cash receipts. Relocation will be to Ghevra.

The final round of demolition will begin after that. That is around the
25th of August. MCD will provide transportation - tempos - to people who
have been allocated land.

CM practitioners will continue to write from Nangla and Ghevra. 

Do visit the Nangla Blog (http://nangla.freeflux.net) for updates since
beginning of this month. (The last two weeks, the blog has been facing some
upload difficulties, because of which it has not been able to upload images
and videos, and the uploaded texts appear unformatted. This will soon be
sorted out.)


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