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Yogesh Girdhar machine at zerosofzeta.com
Tue Aug 22 14:47:35 IST 2006

I really don't understand whats wrong with banning the use of
proprietary software from educational institute. please explain i am
really curios.

Well I am currently working on some video sharing software. It will
hopefully be released under some type of free software license  when
its in a mature enough state

Before this i have worked on vtk (www.vtk.org), which is a free
toolkit for building visualization software.

so yes please refer willing students to me if they would like to work
on either one of the projects.


On 8/21/06, Pankaj kaushal <penguinhead at linux-delhi.org> wrote:
> Hello Yogi,
> Yogi wrote:
> > I am really surprised by the fact that despite all this noise about India and its large number
> > of programmers; open source movement in india is non-existant.
> > This is a sign that all these programmer arenothing more than coding
> monkeys..
> > who do not understand anything more than whats immediately before their eyes.
> > Even some of my so called smart IIT friends still think that Microsoft is the greatest
> I think that your understanding of "Open source" and "Free software" and
> "open source movement in India" is grossly misinformed.
> I think that "IIT friends" and "Software programmers" are not
> responsible for writing software for you. If someone writes code for a
> company to money and does not want to write free software, it does not
> make him a coding monkey. It just makes him a person with a different
> opinion.
> > thing which has happened to india, because they brought computing the
> > common people... but I ask them ... at whatcost? A cage is a cage...
> > even if its made out of gold. I think Indian government needs to ban
> > the use of proprietary software from all educational institutes.
> Bravo! I think you need to get a life, an education and better get a
> brain while you're at it.
> PS: Please send a list of all free software projects that you contribute
> to, I will be more than happy to refer willing students.
> P.
> --
> Wir wollen dass ihr uns alles glaubt.

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